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Pavel Lyakhov. The exhibition "Inner unfreedom", gallery BeInArt 2015
The project "Inner freedom" is a series of stories that happened with unfamiliar people and harmless to me items. I had no influence on passing events, and only methodically recorded everything that had an impression on me. Morning road to the place of service previously perceived by me as the way to Calvary, but while working on the project "Internal Freedom" this way became my main source of information. I ate my images and experiences seen and felt me this way driven into the cruel grip of inner freedom, of a man walking through the darkness, cold and snow storm to go to the snake of lights in the Windows of cars suburban to squeezed into his hot and smelly inside, to be delivered to "the slaughter", in order to bury another day, and then a new morning to rise and spin again senseless wheel of life... Inner freedom - a dark mirror of Russian life. Painting as a phenomenon initially restricted to the plane of the canvas, here is a metaphor for inner freedom, and as best suited as the main tool for this project. The preparation stage of the painting's surface, was a necessary action, a metaphor useless activities for the sake of action, when pasting the canvas from the small fragments of paper goes into an infinite test.