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Zlatko Vasic About

Art Exhibitions La Galleria, Royal Opera, London, UK, 2011 KulturHus Toldkammeret,Helsing__r,Denmark, 2009 Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen,Denmark, 2009 Galleri Ulriksholm-Ulriksholm Slot, Danmark, 2008 _...rhus Art, Scandinavian Center/_...rhus, Denmark, 2008 Temaudstilling/operasanger, Henriette Bonde-Hansen, AtelierSalens Galleri/kunstforlaget JBH Kunst & Musik/J__gerspris,Denmark 2008 Copenhagen ArtFair, Copenhagen,Danmark 2008 KunstMesse (ArtFair) Malm__, Sweden, 2007 Gallery Yubin, Belgrade, SCG,2005, Gallery Svensh__g, Lund, Sweden, 2004; Gallery Melanie Smith, NC, USA, 2002; Galeria d__™Art Zero, Barcelona, Spain, 2001, Gallery S:t Gertrud, Malm__, Sweden, 2000; Gallery Amos, Malm__, Sweden, 2000, Gallery Well, Skan__r, Sweden, 2000; Gallery Benjamin, Bj__rred, Sweden, 2000, Greek Cultural Centre, Stockholm, Sweden, 1999; Gallery Atelje 2000, Malm__, Sweden, 1999; World Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA, 1998; Gallery Af-Culture, Malm__, Sweden, 1998; Latin Gallery, Malm__, Sweden, 1997; Gallery Theaters Hall, Lund, Sweden, 1996; City Hall, Lund, Sweden, 1995; Gallery of the Folk University, Malm__, Sweden, 1995, Galery Kuljevic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1989; Gallery Dom JNA, Tuzla, Yugoslavia, 1985. The Allie Gallery- The gallery was created in the memory of Allison Anderson. She was a huge supporter of the arts and fellow artists. To help keep that spirit alive digital art Design Associates will display various works of art (fine art, digital art, creative writing, music, etc.) from the friends of The d.a.D.A. Family.( USA, april-2007 ) Cartoonists Rights Network (Ion Luca Caragiales ), Rumenien, 2006 "The Phases of Eve", Augusto Fine Art, Cleveland, Ohio,USA, 2006 Artistic Flags Festival,Novi Sad,SCG,2005 Art Drawings, WIPArt Gallery, AZ, USA 2004; Feria Internacional de Arte Contampor__neo de Marbella, Spain, 2002; Biennale Internationale d__™Art Miniature-Ville Marie, Canada, 2002; Swedish-Amerikan Museum, Chicago, Usa 2001; International Biennale For Contemporary Art in Florence-2001, Italy; The Sixth International Biennial of Miniature Arts, G. Milanovac, Yugoslavia, 2000; The World Festival of Art on Paper; Kranj, Slovenia 2000; The International Art festival, Edinburgh, Scotland 2000; Groharjevs Art Colony (for young talangs), S. Palanka, Yugoslavia 1978. Selected reviews, articles, cataloques: Art Cataloque "Retrospective", - K__benhavn KunstMesse MODERN MASK ( USA, 2008 ), is an quarterly arts journal, is devoted to the insightful examination of art & photography, film & tv, literature, music, and theatre( Michael Peter Bolus received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Southern California, his Masters degree in Creative Writing from Boston University, and his Ph.D. in Theatre Studies from the City University of New York Graduate Center - Julia Kaziewicz is a second year American Studies Ph.D. student at The College of William & Mary;This past summer Julia completed a summer internship at the Museum of Modern Art. ) Art Cataloque- Cartoonists Rights Network Art Catalogue- Artistic Flags Festival, Novi Sad,SCG Art Catalogue- Biennale Internationale d'Art Miniature, Ville-Marie Art Catalogue- The Sixth International Biennial of Miniature Arts Art Catalogue- MAC21 Feria Internacional de Arte Contempor__neo de Marbella Art Catalogue- The World Festival of Art on Paper Art Catalogue- International Biennale for Contemporary Art, Florence Art Catalogue- The International World Art Exhibition, The Last Waltz, Stockholm Double Dare Press Magazine, USA, 2007;Santa Maria Sun - The Newspaper for Northern Santa Barbara County, 2007,California.USA Art magazine Perigee Art, USA,2007,ITINERANTE DE ARTE MUSEUM,Argentina, 2007 Art Magazine "SkyLine" New York; Art Magazine "Caveat Lector", Christopher Bernard, San Francisko,USA George Washington University-Art Review,Shanon Darby, USA DirectArtMagazine; NewYork, USA, ArtNews, New York, ArtNewEngland Magazine-USA; AmericanNews-USA; ASA-Australia; ArtsAlive-USA; TheGalleryChannel-England; Centro di Informazione-Italy, Elena Conti; Art Scope-USA, Joe Matuzak, Judy Malloy; Arts for All-USA, Anne M.Carley; PrairiePioneer-USA; Capital Journal-USA; KCCR News-USA; Sioux-USA; People-USA; Pergament-Sweden; Diaspora- Sweden; Sydsvenska Dagbladet-Sweden; Kulturkalendern-Sweden; Skanska Dagbladet-Sweden; Arbetet-Sweden; N__r&Var-Sweden; Staffanstorps Aktuellt-Sweden; TV4-Sweden, TV-SydNytt-Sweden; Politika-Yugoslavia; Front Slobode-Yugoslavia; Malm__guiden-Sweden, Patrick Lion; LommaBladet-Sweden; _--sterlenMagasinet-Sweden; StadsdeltidningenKirseberg-Sweden; Tiker News-Yugoslavia; Euro-News; Stickman Review; Art Rom; Blic-Europa, Vecernje Novosti, Glas Javnosti, RTB,RTS, TV ART, Belgrade ,Mystic Horizon Press, Kunstavisen. Add Comment


Zlatko Vasic was born in Tuzla, former Yugoslavia, 1963. From early days Vasic was interested to explore and study art techniques. 1978 he participated in the Groharjev Art Colony,Colony of Yugoslav Young Talents, and got the second prize. His first separate exhibition was opened by the famous Yugoslav artist Dragisa Trifkovic in 1981, Tuzla. Some of Vasics art works were donated to build the monument of Branislav Nusic, Yugoslav writer, in Belgrade. By the art exhibitions Vasic has made illustrations for novels of Radoje Domanovic, Behdzer Barsom, Lawrence F.Farrar, Maryana Pinchuk, etc.

In 1991 he moved to Sweden where he continues to work. New Masters Exhibition was one of Vasic success in New York, World Fine Art Gallery 1998.

___The human body still represents an unexplored secret for the scientific world, making it an exciting challenge for Vasic, entagled bodies, grotesque gestures and impossible positions, life__™s filth seasoned with people__™s abstract thoughts leading nowhere, the sterility of a right-thinking society which produces everyday robots, the unavoidable disappearance of our own individuality a claustrophobic feeling despite open environment are only a bit of what Zlatko Vasic exploits in his art.

Vasics art is a sensible message a methodical way to inspect artistic variety and examine the question of how far we we may go in art and how long art will prevail.___

In 2000, artist James Pollock ( Pierre ), wrote in American News and The Gallery Channel about exhibiton The Last Waltz. The Last Waltz, River of Art, is unique because the exhibit itself is the work of art. According to one of the artists and organizers, Zlatko Vasic, the exhibit becomes the art, the independent artists organizing and participating become the media. As the exhibit flows from place to place and pieces are sold, new pieces and new artists are added.

John T.Spike, art historian and critic

Director of Biennale Internazionale Dell__™Arte Contamporanea, Citt_  di Firenze, Italia

The Research of Vasic's Art Works published by artist James Langston in Florida, USA

The art works of Zlatko Vasic are both stunning and shocking in their honesty. There is so much thought and energy flowing into and out of these works that seeing them is a conversation taking place in real time. Each of his unique works demands your attention. The surface images grab you and the messages is forced into your sub-conscious. Although these works are not abstract in the true sense, they remind me of what Marc Chagall said:

"What I mean by "abstract" is something which comes to life spontaneously through a gamut of contrasts, plastic at the same time as psychic, and pervades both the picture and the eye of the spectator with conceptions of new and unfamiliar elements..."

This well fits these art works. Plastic skin, plastic fabric and plastic objects fill these works. The message is not just a picture plane icon but each goes much deeper.

I have watched as Vasic's works have progressed and his unique grasp of the human condition and reaction to daily life through his work still bring the same excitement as they did when I first saw them two years ago. The difference in Vasic__™s works and that of many other contemporary artists is his attention to detail and the level of emotional energy that flows into each work. The experience of seeing Vasic__™s works is similar to watching a horrible accident and walking away, knowing that you are safe and sound while such tragedy exists around you.The message stays with you. We struggle as a species and most times we survive to become stronger, and more resilient to withstand the next struggle. Vasic states that the goal of his artwork is, "a metamorphosis of the soul which enables us to change into what we are". This is achieved with great emphasis on changing who we are from the experiences we view in his work.

James Langston, artist

I find this drawings rather disturbing. Artist Zlatko Vasic clearly understands anatomy, and has used this knowledge to give an unsettling reality to these surreal twisted figures. Though it's not pretty, I like the piece for both the confident handling and the interesting psychological exploration that is going on.

Helen South, art critic

There is an organic quality to Vasic__™s works that is anatomical, yet strangely surreal. Movement is present, but exists within a grotesque arena where flesh is peeled away to reveal a mass of muscle-like tissues and non-human elements.

William Lehman, art designer