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Unborn Nebula

by ZaumA , January 6, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Powdercoat Image, StarWork, StarWorks for World Peace…, The Fine Line., new medium, painting

Original-Powdercoat 'StarWorks' image on 28g galvanized steel.

Customized photoprints, modified using an iridescent powdered-pigment or a liquid iridescent pigment, only are available by/from Originating Artist: Susan Eileen Coughlan.

Created at the behest of a painter/aquaintance as a commission; the patron then exchanged it for a different work thus The Unborn Nebula is retained in my possession. I did appreciate being able to retain the rights. TUN is a copyrighted work, thereby protecting my/K's distri-bution/reproduction/publication, etc., rights from harm by others. The image has been printed as photo-reproductions for more than one client. No present plans to limit distribution; reproductions are now 'personalized' either to my specs or by development with each purchaser thus each print is an original. An iridescent powdered-pigment or a liquid iridescent pigment is used to modify the photo-print. It brings hope to my mind when I see the little One within the womb of the nebula. Energy from so many sources is being emitted for absorption through the new life's growing process. Gratitude is due to my Patron, who was the first to recognize and tell me about the 'two faces' in the upper right corner of the work.



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