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ZaumA is interested in developing new materials, tools and methods to express structural designs and synchronistically created forms. In 2016 ZaumA has completed the Compact Bagua Map, created to help people raise the energy in all areas of their lives. The guidebook is in process and will be available soon. 1 comment


ZaumA is a multi-millennial artist based in the North Los Angeles (NoLo) mountains whose paintings are the result of constant experimentation, inspiration and a freeform method of creating works of art. A life-long artist and visionary creator, ZaumA's works focus on the imaginative playfulness of the human spirit. She combines her unique world view with distinctive materials to create works of intriguing form, color, and texture. Her ability to gracefully combine seemingly incongruous elements provides audiences with powerful free-flowing pieces that are at once, whimsical, captivating, and inspirational.

ZaumA is interested in developing new materials, tools, and methods of expressing structural designs and synchronistically created forms. She has worked in ceramics, paint, collage, and has been a pioneer in developing ?powder coating art Powder Coating is an industrial finishing process where resins are applied to metals at room temperature, then melted and cured in a high temperature oven. ZaumA sees the potential of the durable, weather resistant coating so combines the uniform, industrial process with a fanciful touch and a sense of balance as she plays with the properties of light reflection and refraction.

At times there is a story behind the image through the introduction of mathematical patterns, and with the addition of magnetic images on top of the metal works. This allows the viewer to interact with the art. In contrast with the traditional Don't Touch! message, ZaumA invites the appreciator to move the magnets on the work and change the message at will. Since the pieces consist of such a durable finish, they are quite impervious to damage. Indeed, at ZaumA's home gallery, she has had some works exposed to the sunlight, rain, and snows of the southern California mountains with little effect on the surface of the pieces.

Unique Tools -adapted from other mediums

Silkscreen - uses with Powdercoat media to

create images

Brush - uses compass with one hair to adjust Powdercoat medium

Electrostatic Powdercoat Equipment - uses to apply Powder-coat medium as base and intermediate layers on various substrates.

Unique Media

Powdercoat paint

Specifically modified ink

Powdercoated steel chips

Unique Methods

Strandia process of generating images with modified inks

Silkscreen application of Powdercoat medium onto steel, paper, plastic and metal substrates

Constructionist use of 3M VHB adhesive and Powdercoat chips and detachable magnetic images


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