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Yevgeny Sokolov Art Blog

Working again

by yvsokolov , May 27, 2009—01:40 PM

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I have finally had more time to work on my art. We've recently bought a home and it's been busy work all over it, and now the dust finally settled and I am working again on my art. I have finished two new Acrylic paintings and I just wanted to share it with you!

Yevgeny Sokolov




  Yevgeny Sokolov ( homepage )

06/15/2009 * 19:48:01

Thank you for the kind words! I do feel a lot better now that I am painting again. I have 3 commissions; portraits and architectural portrait, and I am still working on some of my own things. Trying to enjoy this, at times dreary, summer and paint away!
thanks again.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

06/02/2009 * 15:12:54

Yevgeny, This is the first chance I have had to look at your work and the drawings are especially impressive. As Caroline said, we all have time away from our work what with all this eating and sleeping and making a living business getting in the way. I look forward to seeing more work and reading more of your blog posts.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

05/31/2009 * 19:42:21

We all have down time from art now and then with the demands of life. I know you are delighted to be back to creating art. I like your strong color the abstract realism of your acrylics.

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