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Theme Drawings

by yvsokolov , October 17, 2008—11:58 PM

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Something I wanted to share with you all. This was a series that I did while back about good and evil. Can you tell me what this composition resembles? I've had mixed feelings about this work, but in the end I think it got the point across. I worked in graphite, 14×17, "good and evil", 2005.




  douglas kallerson

10/18/2008 * 07:22:22

I love it! It has similarities to "Creation of Man" at the Cystine Chapel(excuse spelling).
It is an Annoited Drawing! I have died and seen Jesus,seen the Devil and seen Angels and Demons.You are spot on the Demons!The only thing I know for a fact are demons have the fingers you drew but only 3 of them not five.Long faces,big ears,hugh mouths with nashing teeth.My friend,you have had a vision from God and you captured it.I do this all the time and was wondering if others did too.You have here Evil trying to steal the glory of God by simply touching Him.In God's mind He is re-creating those demons and destroying the influence of the devil,thus thats why He is going to touch them,to drive the evil out of them.
Magnicient! I hope if you have more in this genre to post them.
Sincerely Douglas Kallerson,Ireland

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