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Yol Swan About

Yol Swan has been involved with art and the creative process since childhood, in one way or another, creating paper colages as well as fine silver jewelry collages and gemstone chakra and yoga designs. Add Comment


Yol Swan has been involved with art and the creative process since childhood, in one way or another. Her keen eye for beauty and design comes naturally, and she has helped others transform their environment or enhance their business image with graphic design and web design. She brings her deep sense of balance and color to every aspect of her work. Yol's experience working with many publishing companies has also given her the tools to convey a clear message with words and images.

Yol started creating collages since she was a young girl and still thinks that collages have been the theme of her journey. For her, ___life is nothing but a collage of learning experiences, glued together by destiny and karma.___

Designing Sacred Gemstone Jewelry is another form of collage for her, where she can put together different healing energies and color combinations to create a piece of jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Yol is a lover of ethnic cultures and has traveled to many parts of the world, both East and West. She had previously explored designing silver jewelry in a traditional manner, and now she finds a way to create small jewelry collages with the flexibility offered by Precious Metal Clay (PMC).

She adds a deeper meaning and intention to her creations by adding the colors and healing properties of gemstones along with her knowledge of Vedic sciences, combining color, energy, vibration, and sacred symbols into different artistic and practical forms.

Her Gemstone Yoga Jewelry & Chakra Jewelry Designs are the result of the life long exploration of different careers and paths, including art, music, spirituality, meditation, homeopathy, Vedic sciences and Ayurveda, as well as her healing experiences with energy and crystals and gemstones.


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