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Growing up in the Bahamas, I always felt I was a gypsy. Maybe it had something to do with the the fact that my grandfather was from Hungary. My years as a flight Attendant got me off the island and enabled me to indulge my wonder-lust. I ended up living in Luxembourg for ten years. I think there is a little bit of all my travels in my work. 7 comments


About eight years ago, a lot of things fell into place for me and I began to explore my own voice as an artist. Perhaps it is only a child-like delight in getting lost in hours of play or maybe it is just an excuse to be a little more eccentric than I've ever allowed myself to be. In any case, I have found a means to express my joys and concerns in a way that has enhanced every aspect of my daily life. I am so at peace working with my hands, creating three-dimensional expressions of thoughts, memories and concerns that occupy my mind. A whole day could pass while I'm working on a painting. I simply love to do the work and am delighted when another person connects with one of my pieces.

I remember the moment sculpture came alive for me in an art gallery in Santa Fe. The piece that moved me was a bronze titled 'Reincarnation' by the French artist, Pascal Pierme. The gallery owner encouraged me to touch this freestanding piece. I was blown away! Even now, I can close my eyes and remember how the bronze warmed to my touch as it gave off steady hum of energy that intrigued me. The question that came to my mind then and still does now, is: What was the artist thinking of as he formed this incredible piece? Somehow, he had managed to transfer some of that energy into his creation. I would like to think that I embue my work with energy.

I am mostly self-educated by trial and error and pure desire. I have pursued this art form as much as my life as a homemaker and mother of two young boys would allow. Nancy Shepherd started me with the basics of portrait sculpture at The University of Memphis. At the Lugar Foundry in Eads, I learned about the Lost Wax bronzing method. I furthered my studies at the Memphis College of Art where I sketched from live models under the tutelage of Tom Delaney. With Anne Enochs, I explored Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain, based on a book of the same name by Betty Edwards.

I am continuing an on-going exploration into the many aspects of Women's lives. This body of work won an Award of Merit at the Manhattan Arts 2000 HERSTORY Competition in New York. It also received an Honorable Mention in the 1999 Manhattan Arts International 8th Annual Arts competition. I won a Purchase Award at the 2000 Mulberry Festival in Collierville. The award was in the form of a commission to create a bronze for Commissioner Tommy Hart. It will be unveiled before Spring at the opening of the Harrell Theatre Gallery where it will become a part of the permanent exhibit for the City of Collierville. My pieces are in private collections here in Memphis, England, The Bahamas and Luxembourg. I am excited about the direction I am headed with my paintings.


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