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Yanrong Gao Gypsum Ionic Column

Gypsum BustGypsum Ionic ColumnA Building in Dept. of Hydraulic EngineeringDrum Tower after RainMy FatherUnion Building
Gypsum Ionic Column
23" x 17"
Still Life
Drawing / Graphite
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Gypsum Ionic Column

This drawing was made in Nov. 1986, when I was in Fine Art Class of our school. It's the foundation exercise of plastic arts. Without considering the interference of colors, we just shaped the body, structure, texture, space, light, shade, etc. in black and white, and paid attention to depict the changing light and shadow of the details. Many factors interwove, expressed, and integrated the beautiful and picturesque order of the work. The Ionic Column was training the grasp of more regular structure and shapes. The drawing won the score of A and was archived by our school.