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Gladys Gonzalez About

Gladys Gonzalez paints large-format abstracts with acrylics on canvas, evoking the grandeur and mysticism of stained glass. Intense colors and heavy black lines form a body of work that is fragmented yet tight-knit; her style is immediately recognizable and has a great impact. ___'___'________'___'_________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'_____________'_____________"It is vibrant, colorful and___'___'________'___'_________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'_____________'______________ define[s] a particular scene or daily event,___'___'________'___'_________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'_____________'______________ she explains. Gonzalez is focused on capturing ordinary moments and making them something more. A common theme is an expression of happiness and optimism that shines through her work, the result of the artist___'___'________'___'_________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'_____________'_______________s belief that art is a way of sharing the best moments of our lives. Inspired by the Surrealist movement, Cubism and Pop art, Gonzalez seeks to merge elements of those styles in her work and form a new style she calls ___'___'________'___'_________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'_____________'_____________"New-Pop.___'___'________'___'_________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'_____________'______________ Ambitious and bold, her work displays a refreshing new perspective. Gladys Gonzalez was born in Venezuela, and she worked as an architect for many years in Venezuela and Spain before deciding to move to Canada. Her art has been shown in several exhibitions and events. Add Comment


I am an artist with a particular style. It is vibrant, colorful and uses a number of forms simultaneously to define a particular scene or daily event. My themes are generally simple and joyful, because I consider art to be a way to extract the best from our lived moments, making us laugh and enjoy the piece and the world with optimism. I have painted using various different techniques, though my favorite is acrylic on canvas. Mir___'___'________'___'_____________'___'___'_____________'_____________'___'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_____________³ and Picasso are my inspiration, and my style combines influences from Cubism, Surrealism and Pop-Art, creating what I call ___'___'________'___'_____________'___'___'_____________'_________________'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'_____________"New-Pop.___'___'________'___'_____________'___'___'_____________'_________________'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'__________________'___'________'___'__________________'___'_____________'______________ As an artist, I aim to interact with each place and person I come into contact with, growing as an individual and improving as an artist all the time, and sharing the benefits of that growth with my audience