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I am fortunate to live in an inspiring spot on this planet and have the time to focus intently on the way the sunlight enhances my surrounds and brings it to life. No matter how intimate I become with my subjects __" mesquite and cottonwood trees, dry creek beds, boulders, crags, mountains and rim rock, to name just a few __" it is a challenge to capture the spirit of this country on a flat surface with brush and paint. Paint the light __" Wendy Lynn Wright 1 comment


At the age of seven, my father moved the family to the country next door to my Grandmother's farm east of Syracuse, New York. Once out of the confines of the suburbs, I had acres and acres of new home to explore and call my playground, and I spent as much time as possible in the outdoors. Growing up, the summer months were precious and, even at a young age, seemed to me too few and far between the cold and gray that constituted most of the year in upstate New York. When the weather forced me to spend time inside, I often used my artistic nature to express myself through drawing and painting. As a child I was fortunate to be educated in a school system where art was not only considered an important and necessary means of communication, but encouraged creative students with a diversity of artistic curriculum.

After graduating from The State University of New York at Buffalo with a Fine Arts degree, I began a career as a graphic designer and put my more creative abilities on the back burner. In 1992, I left New York for Florida, then five years later moved to San Antonio, Texas. I first visited the Big Bend of West Texas in early 1999. The drive south on Highway 118 from Alpine to Terlingua felt, inexplicably, like a homecoming. Oddly, I felt a connection and sense of rootedness with this landscape that I had never before seen, with its vastness, extreme sky and bald, majestic mountains. I had never eyewitnessed a mountain not covered in trees, and I was captivated by the giant rocks laid open and exposed to the world.

In 2000, I made the final relocation to Presidio County in the Texas Big Bend. It didn't take long to be dazzled by the play of light as the sun danced across the rocky Chihuahuan Desert. It is hypnotic how the light dramatically shifts over the course of a day across this landscape, offering distinctly different palattes. I yearned to capture my impressions of these glorious vistas and, soon after, I took watercolor to paper and have been painting the Big Bend ever since. I couldn't be happier taking on this challenge as a vocation today and I am blessed to enjoy nature's beauty as best I know how.


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