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Joel Trudeau About

My art reflects my passion for the things that go bump in the night. The creatures and spirits that make the hairs stand on end. A tribute to the most underated holiday... Halloween. Add Comment


Being born and raised in Niagara Falls Canada really made me appreciate the wonders that most locals take for granted. Going to falls and Clifton hill on a regular basis really hammered a few key aspects into my personality. Nature, videogames and horror. Clifton Hill for anyone who has been, is dotted with arcades, wax museums and houses of horror. The images of frankenstein, zombies and gargoyles shaped my young mind. Giving me an appreciation of the darker, scarier side of things. The niagara region is full of legends and haunted locations, which only helped peak my interest in the supernatural. The many historical cemeteries gave me the opportunity to see and appreciate the way time, the elements and human abuse shape and add character to the headstones and monuments. I love the textures of both the natural world and man made objects. Rust, tarnished and worn metal also have a great impact in my art.