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by wildwater , April 17, 2008—09:01 PM

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This is a tough time of year for motivation. Spring is here and my other interests, hiking and motorcycle riding, are calling to me. I have been working on two paintings at the same time. it actually provides a break between the two. The ability to walk away from one and continue to paint on another allowes you to look at the two with a fresh perspective. I have an idea for a third one. A self portrait that won't be for sale. I figure I should paint something for me only. An image of what I want to be. An inspiration to strive for.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

04/18/2008 * 18:06:58

On the call of the outdoors--why not combine siren calls and take a sketch book along on the road or trail? That, to me, makes for a great spring or fall day.

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