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New at this art business

by wildwater , April 3, 2008—12:00 AM

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The business of art. It's something I know nothing about. I don't even have experience running a business. What I have is a desire and a dream. I am working toward living the age old adage of doing something I truly love and never having to work another day of my life. The thing about being new at something is that it is exciting and a fun learning experience. The only drawback is not having a clue as to what your doing. I can paint, I enjoy painting and I can continually improve my skill. I don't believe I will ever reach a point where I have nothing new to learn. I love that concept. Never reaching the end. I figure once you learn all there is to know it's time to die. Having something that can constantly be improved upon gives great incentive to enjoy living. it's something to look forward to everyday.



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