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What to do?

by wildwater , March 30, 2008—12:00 AM

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Well another week and another blog. I have gone through all of my current paintings in my past blogs and don't have any new ones to talk about. I have started a new one. It's part of my Archetype series. The thing about these paintings is that they come from my imagination. Each one pushes the boundries I reached from the previous one. It's a challenging growth process for me as an artist. I have ideas for about twenty more paintings and I want to start on all of them. My inner perfectionist won't allow me to paint without intent though, so each one has to be finished before I reveal it. I have three easles set up in my studio (formerly my dining room). My goal has been to work on three paintings at a time in various stages of completion. One for roughing in one for the bulk of the painting and one for finishing and final details. The hard part is going to be overcoming my single minded march to finish a painting. When I get frustrated or, while waiting for a layer to dry I want to learn to use the time to rough in a new one or detail one near completion. In a way it will help me to finish more paintings faster while still maintaining my commitment to focus on a high quality work of art.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

03/30/2008 * 15:10:52

Wow, Michael, that's an ambitious plan. More power to you! I've always admired people that can work on multiple works simaltaneously. My particular blend of OCD, however, won't allow me to even consider doing such a thing. I simply MUST finish something before I'm allowed to move on. In fact, just writing about it is giving me involuntary twitches...yikes! Anyway, keep us posted on how things progress.

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