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Michael Savageau Art Blog


by wildwater , March 20, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts, NEW PAINTING, Surreal, archetype, figure, oil, painting, portrait

Ah yes Sage, the one that spoke to me to be an artist._  I got the idea about ten years ago after my divorce._  I can remeber staring at the curtains in the dark as the light from a street light shone through them._  I kept seeing a face appear in the interplay of light and shadow._  Usally it's mouth was open as if speaking but sometimes it was closed._  It was as if it were trying to tell me something if I would only listen._  I decided to sketch it in gray pastels on black paper._  It hung on my office wall for ten years staring at me the whole time._  I had dabbled and painted before and after that sketch._  I had trouble finding my inspiration and I couldn't stay focused. I would lose interest in still lifes and landscapes._  I looked at the sketch last August and decided to paint a portrait of this character from my mind. The Sketch had an angrier look in the eyes. The character in this painting seems to have mellowed over the years. This one seemed to take on a life of it's own. After I finished it and saw what I had created I knew I had to paint for a living. I didn't use people, photos, or mirrors but painted completely from imagination. I discovered creating a portrait without any reference is not an easy task. I tell people it is a self portrait without a mirror, at least that is how it felt as I was painting it. I call it Sage because I learned so much from it. It is my teacher and guide an archetype from my subconscious.



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