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by wildwater , March 13, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts, NEW PAINTING, animal, cat, oil, portrait

Cattitude, the title says it all. Allow me to introduce you to Mischief. He has lived up to his name and even pushed the envelope a little. I figured he deserves to be immortalized for the unique personality he is. Please don't think "oh no not some crazy cat guy" ( as opposed to a crazy cat lady), just understand he has been a constant fixture in my life for seventeen years. He's always been there for me through divorce , breakups, and job losses always accepting me for who I am. With the understanding of course that i will feed him and clean his litter box. We are still negotiating as to who is the boss. He still runs around and causes as much mischief as possible despite his age and the fact he's lost half his teeth. He's a fine example of how to enter old age, with exuberance and living life as fully as possible to the end. This was a chance photo I took while figuring out how to use my digital camera. He was sitting on my chest and I was playing with the buttons and was surprised when it took a picture. The expression on his face summed up his personality in a nutshell. He sleeps in my studio so I was able to get his colors while he lay there. If he knew I was painting him he would have moved. I had an idea for a still life once of a spiderplant baby that had detached from the mother and dried out on the floor. As soon as I set up to paint it he started eating it. I guess you could say the cat ate my homework.



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