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Carriage House Sunset

by wildwater , February 28, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts, Landscape, NEW PAINTING, Ocean, Sunset, carriage, house, oil, water

This is a painting of the carriage house at Lynch park in Beverly Ma._  I would often ride down there on my motorcycle in the fall after work to watch the sunset._  I was so awe struck by the colors of nature I just had to paint them._  I used to do landscapes way back when I first started dabbling with paints._  It's funny to see how my style has evolved._  When I was painting this one I kept trying to get it to look different than it did._  I realized This is my view of the world, and if I want my paintings to change how they look I have to change how I percieve the world around me._  A minor epiphany and probably one many others have already figured out._  I guess thats why I do it, to learn about and improve upon myself._  I also hope I can help others look at life from a slightly different angle.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

02/29/2008 * 11:41:40

Don't downplay the significance of the new insight this painting gave you. Wheter or not other artists have already figured this out is irrelevant, it's not a competition. What's important is that you figured it out. And what your painting shed some light on (pun slightly intended) is perhaps at the core of all authentic art making: Discovering what is unique about your personal view of the world around you, and finding your way to communicate that perception to others.

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