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Painting started out as a kind of therapy for me that turned into a source of joy._  I use photographs in some of my work to help compose a painting, but I get the most inspiration straight from my imagination. 8 comments


_ ___I think we were supposed to meet___ he said._  I__™d just had the most bizarre conversation I__™ve ever had in my life and I__™ve had a few._  It was a defining moment that made me realize what I had been denying for quite some time._  I am an artist._ It was February 2006 and I had run into the aforementioned gentleman while trying to recruit people for the martial art school I taught at._  It was a chance meeting._  We had never met before._  We made eye contact and there was a sense of extreme familiarity between us as if we had known each other for years._  I could tell he was wracking his brain as hard as I was to remember how or where we could have possibly met before._  As we began to speak we established a vague and unconvincing way we may have met once._  It was enough to allow us to slip into a deep and profound conversation._  It was full of life__™s wisdom and keen observations of human nature._  I was a bit dumbfounded that I was having this kind of conversation with a complete stranger._  It was the last three lines that made the moment gel for me._  I__™ll remember them forever._  ___I am an artist, it__™s what I do._  Right now I work as an electrician to pay the bills.____  That__™s when he looked at me, smiled and said ___I think we were supposed to meet___ and then he walked away._  I do believe he was sent to deliver_  a message that I needed to hear._  I was feeling unfulfilled and off purpose at that point in my life._  His words clarified for me what I was meant to do._  I had been dabbling with oils for years, but at that moment I understood what it meant to be an artist._  I am the Magus, a creator, an artist._ Looking back on my life, I have followed the artist__™s path either consciously or subconsciously._  I think every child loves to draw color or create; of course, I was one of them._  I was between ten and eleven when I had my first introduction to oils._  I can remember watching my mother teaching herself to paint, and I sat beside her with my own canvas eager to learn._ After my parent__™s divorce I lost interest in most everything, but the artist manifested itself in my career choice through the wood and metalworking trades._  It was after my own divorce that my urge to paint transformed into my need to paint._  I began to teach myself to paint with oils._  I dabbled for years._  In 2005 I sent away for online course materials._  I began to paint my first portrait of my Great Aunt from a photograph I had taken._  I struggled with it for months, my inner perfectionist never satisfied._  After the conversation with the stranger I saw it in a different light and was able to complete it rather quickly._  The fact it actually looked like her inspired me to continue to paint._  It was in 2007 I decided to pursue a career as a professional artist._  I came to the conclusion that as long as I love what I am doing it won__™t feel like work or just a job._  It will be a fulfilled life well lived._ _ _ _ _ _ _  I am the Magus, the creator, the artist._  I get a profound sense of joy out of creating something from nothing with my own two hands._  Someone said once art is a reflection of society._  This is true; however, it is colored by the lens of the artist__™s view of life._ I am inspired to paint archetypal images and paintings that represent emotional states._  My martial arts training introduced me to the Yin-Yang concept of opposites that I use in my paintings, primarily in the contrast of light and dark._  I am always creating a dramatic contrast that blends into a harmonious whole._  _ Each painting becomes an epic drama of frustration and joy._  Sometimes a painting comes out better than I imagined and others take on a life of their own, guiding me to what they want to become._  I always feel a little sad when I finish a painting, knowing its story is told and the journey ended. It doesn__™t last long as the trepidation, fear and excitement of starting a new one begins._ I still don__™t know if I should be concerned about the screaming purple heads._  Some of you may have the same question I did after I painted them._  I wonder what that means?


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