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by WhiteMountainWolf , September 25, 2012—12:00 AM

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Ah the joys of being a perfectionist.

I seem to be ok when I am in the zone, which is why I have gotten into the habit of signing my work once it is finished emotionally, but I will often look at the finished piece at certain things that I wish that I could do better. I think that all artists struggle with this from time to time.

Yes. I have accepted that how I do things lends to my own unique individuality as an artist; however, I was trained in realism techniques, as well as symbolism and expressionism (Kyneton School of Art 1990-1999). For someone like myself to translate the image in my head onto the paper or canvas etc, without having someone pose for me and act as my subject makes getting that realism next to impossible (well it appears to be that way for now). Until very, very recently, I had not taken myself seriously as an artist for many years. When I left High school (and Art School) in 1999 I did have quite a good technique developed, and as a young girl I had strong dreams of becoming an artist, but they were always competing with my love for singing and performing in the theatre which I also started doing around the age of 10.

So the art got dropped in the pursuit of a career in acting, which I was going to use to open other doors for myself in the art world and the music world, and yadda yadda yadda. Here I am. Talk about a major sidetrack, and so here I am once again, one hundred million images in my head to place on paper or canvas to put out into the world, however this time, through my maturity and experience I can find a place to start. This does not stop one from becoming sidetracked, though the difference is how you handle the sidetrack. Now I know, I can use this to assist the path I want to go down, and that it doesn't have to lead me away from the path I am on, if I don't let it. I am the one in control.

As you may be aware of by my last blog, I have a very strong desire to return with Alice to wonderland, and the ideas of how I wish to explore this are strong and vivid, and then here is the conundrum. I wish to bring more realism into my work as a lot of the time, without structure I feel that most of my figures resemble very well rendered cartoon characters (which is actually what got me drawing as a child in the first place particularly Disney's "The Little Mermaid"_________. And I am still obsessed with Mermaids that will be a project down the track).

And what got me started down this road was some of the preliminary sketches and Ideas I have done for my Cheshire cat pieces. I've never been very good at drawing Men and their faces they always come out looking - feminine. Of course this is no surprise to me, being a woman myself; I am naturally drawn to the curves and lines of a woman's shape, and the delicate beauty and vulnerability that can be expressed in a woman's face. As a spiritual being, I am aware of myself in others, and being so strongly feminine myself, that translates through my work. Though I have been a great observer of the "opposite" sex over the years, my experiences have led me to conclude that the idea that we are so unequally different is pure myth. Especially when it comes to emotions, but unfortunately most men are afraid of being labeled "un-manly" if they show "weakness"_________ (I place this in quotation marks because I have met men on both sides of the spectrum, and it is far from weakness to open ones heart up and allow love in). I could wax on forever about the "battle of the sexes"_________ but I might save those thoughts for a blog on one of my other pages, because I know that if I keep going it will all become irrelevant to what I am attempting to communicate here. Before I move on though, I'd like to bring us back to point, and say that though I have been an observer of masculinity over the years, it is not something that I have intimately explored enough I guess to translate it and express it in any of my work.

So I am giving myself the opportunity to do this now. It's long overdue. And this is where the sidetracking comes in. See in order to achieve the things I wish to in my pieces concerning the Cheshire cat; I need to polish up on some of my skills. The best way to do this is through a side project. Now, for me, in the past, this might also mean self defeatism, but instead it becomes a great way to self teach. So the plan now exists to create a series of portrait works focusing on my favorite Men first one being John Lennon. I've never been a fan of works that are portraits of celebrities taken from photo's (and that is absolutely no criticism to those who have gone before me, it has just never really tickled my fancy), but now I do see that there is something in this, and I am beginning to appreciate this type of work, considering I am taking on the idea for this series myself.

I think that I have explored this idea in writing enough for now. Watch this space for updates on my progress, and dates for an online exhibition.





  susan walton event photography

09/26/2012 * 07:33:17

Well said. I struggle myself with the whole sidetrack thing and i believe with me that it comes from a thirst for knowledge, But trying to keep focus of the orginal track, while exploring the side track can sometimes become a very confusing and frustrating force to deal with. For exmaple, i love my wildlife and landscape and primarily want to only concentrate on that, but to make money to keep my idea afloat, i have to side track into the world of portraitor. But the one thing that keeps me going is the ever growing challenge to keep my individuality. Being different in my views and photography style is very important to me as an artist and should be for all artists.


  WOLF CRY BOY ( homepage )

09/25/2012 * 06:21:23

Well written with alot of passion and intent to express one's inner most feelings towards the media of artist expressionism. In conclusion I feel that more people should relate to the Art of Individuality and Self Expression thru whatever channel they so choose.

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