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I do nonobjective and nonrepresentational abstract paintings, using acrylics. Abstract, considered apart from concrete, having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form than on narrative content or pictorial representation. Abstruse, Askewed, asymmetrical concept demonstrated in a perceived symmetrical reality. Abstract Expressionism non-conforming to actual representation without any perceived objective, without any conditions to define thoughts outside any preconditions, allowing the cousiness to flow free. To express with motions perpetuated by inspirational energies and guidance by emotional events, transforming expresslised feelings through expressed forms of art and making transparent the inner self demonstrated in abstract paintings using colors and irregular forms to quantified feelings in visual form, interdependence of individualized substance of self-expression, becoming subjective to the observer with cognitive objective with relative conceptions as to what is being observed and to identified and to relate to the intrinsic form that is being presented as an aberration outside the normal parameters of physical perception where upon colors are the identifiers that give relative form to reality from a ilusional perspective of inner emotions developed by one___'________________________s self. It's the art of being, the art of inner existence, the art of the spirit and soul, the continuance of life's energies and feelings that flow through one' self, a rhythm of dance through self-expression, a meditated form of connecting with the innerself,it's the enjoyment of peace and calm that is achieved from the experience. it's the untold story the unsung song of one's inner self, it's the visual form of one's life force radiating with energies of colors, it's music without sound and poetry without words, the diary of the inner self! . Add Comment


HI I live in Santee CA,just east of San Diego I have been here all my life I am 54 years old and I am a self taught self learning artist,I started 9 years ago drawing abstract drawings with oil pastel and ink.I did this for about two years then I started using paints with canvas and been doing so since! and have been progressing with every year that passes by and feel that I have my own unique style and have now became comfortable showing and displaying my art,hoping that people well enjoy looking at my artworks, after all that is the greatest reward


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