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Wayne King Whisper of Winter Wood

God's Stained GlassLeaf on a DollyLone Birch in SnowAdrift in the Mermaid CafeA Rush of ColumbineWhisper of Winter Wood
Whisper of Winter Wood
10" x 11"
Photography / Color
$69.00 Purchase

Whisper of Winter Wood

Haiku Poster - The Whisper of a Winter Wood An image of the same title printed with a Haiku written by the artist. The Whisper of a Winter Wood Snow on winter wood light soft, weight free, sensing sound Fills my searching soul The open edition print, featured here, digitally signed is undated and without a certificate of authenticity. It provides you with the closest approximation of an original without the premium cost of the original. It is matted on a 16 x20 matt which allow you to self frame it easily from any shop that sells frames affordably (like Walmart) If you would like to purchase the original work (and it is still available) please contact Wayne King at