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Robyn Louisell Art Blog

Calista's Plea To Neptune

by wanderingsoul , July 2, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: abstract, fictionalism

I did this painting after reading the book and titled it Calista's Plea to Neptune from "Daughter of the Sea" by Mira Zamin. The book was set in Greek / Roman times and it takes a person into the life of a young woman that thrown into the world of Atlantis after spending her early life with human parents. Not realizing she was not the natural daughter of the only mother she has ever known, she escapes the tyrant that killed her father and tried to imprison her into marrying him against her will. She manages to escape with a sea captain and then finds that he is her half brother later on. The storm washes them off the bridge of his ship and sucks them both under the water in the ocean. They are both surprised to learn that they were from Atlantis, by being born there. And the final note is that she finally finds out that her father is really Neptune the god of the sea and her real mother, was one of his nymphs from Atlantis. Neptune wishes Calista to stay and take over as Dome Mistress of Atlantis and she does not wish to do so. So she pleads with her father to send her back. It is a fiction book and a very enjoyable read. I did this in abstract form in acrylic on canvas size 36 inch by 36 inch by 1 inch profile. The surface is sealed with my glitterization process which gives it a subtle sparkle effect. The sides are finished so if hanging without a frame is preferred, it can be done. It is unframed.



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