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Diane Wallace Art Blog

Dan's Flowers

by WALLACESTUDIOS , June 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Stories, flowers, studio tour, teaching

The town I live in, Medford, NJ, is going to be hosting an artists' studio tour in September. I have signed myself up and am trying to get a jump start so I won't be last minute framing, matting, etc. I decided to make some cards from some of my paintings also, thinking that small sales would be better than none. Most of my paintings have some sort of story (see my blog on "Jack" the titmouse.) So, I'm making cards to hang next to those paintings that come with their own story. Figured I'd share them on my blog.

Dan's Flowers My teacher and mentor, Dan Hines, could not make our class one night and I was asked to "sub" for him. I'd never taught a class before, so I used a painting that I'd purchased from Dan as my subject. I figured that way he'd sort of "be" with me in the class. It was the first time I'd ever instructed while I was painting. While the painting looks nothing like Dan's original,I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my students said they had a good time. I think teaching watercolor could be part of my retirement plans.



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