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Diane Wallace Art Blog

Patch of Sun

by WALLACESTUDIOS , March 25, 2008—08:08 PM

Topics: collage, sunflowers

Haven't painted too much lately. Life has been busy and a bit stressful, but things have settled for a bit, so I broke out the paint brushes and squeezed out some fresh paint.

I've been wanting to paint sunflowers to put in a frame in my living room. But each attempt just proved futile. Too small, too muddy, no life, looked like yellow globs. I tried to paint them in my weekly class with my mentor Dan Hines. After one particularly frustrating series, he said to me "Diane, maybe you're not meant to paint sunflowers - everything else you do seems to come out fine. These are torturing you.'

But they kept dancing in my head, and I decided to just jump in. I pulled out a big sheet of paper, and slathered on the paint. They I realized I had a small painting that mimiced what I was trying to do. So I pasted it on top.

And now "Patch of Sun" is happily hanging in my living room. I think I'll tackle geraniums next.



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