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Art gifts

by WALLACESTUDIOS , December 18, 2007—08:24 PM

Topics: christmas, gifts

It's that time of year when everyone is looking for gifts. Are you ready? I'm getting to the home stretch. A few more gifts for hubby's stocking and I should be good.

I've taken to making a lot of my Christmas presents from photos I've taken of my artwork. Notecards for the people I work with, calendars for family members, and I use photos of my paintings, with some hand embellishment, to make my Christmas cards.

I'm usually hesitant to give an actual painting, unless it's a painting of their animal. Most friends and family enjoy the gifts of my calendars and cards (or at least that's what they tell me). But, for some reason I don't want to give a gift that people might feel they "have" to display when I come to their home.

I feel that art is such a personal choice, and it would be a bit egotistical to think I know what someone would want to hang on their wall and look at everyday. Friends have prints, or photos on their walls that I couldn't live with, but for them these expressions are extremely pleasing. It's part of the reason I get angry at artists and critics who put down certain successful artists. When they do that, I feel they're in essence putting down the people who enjoy those artists' work - once again perpetuating the snotty artist image.

So, how'd I get going on this rant?!? I've been too busy to paint this last week or so, so I guess I have to get my frustration out someway!

But to all who celebrate Christmas and this time of year....Enjoy




  Diane Wallace ( homepage )

12/23/2007 * 20:46:36

Thanks Deb - I like that comment about that is why there are so many mediums and things to paint. And you're right - the holiday season can put people in some bad moods. Hope it's you're not one of them!!!! Have a good one.


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

12/19/2007 * 16:24:41

I've made notecards as gifts also and I know that most of my friends really do appreciate them. But, like you, I would not presume to paint a picture for someone unless it was requested, or I knew for sure they wanted it.

Art is so subjective - and there is something for everyone out there. You are right - just because we don't like something (I am not a lover of abstract) doesn't mean we should judge those who do. That's why there are so many mediums to choose from, things to paint and techniques to use!

Just take a look at the various work here at Artid - and that is just a small sampling of what's out there. Truly – something for everyone!

p.s. The holiday season makes a lot of people grumpy!

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