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Diane Wallace Art Blog


by WALLACESTUDIOS , December 8, 2007—01:40 PM

Topics: animals, art, birds, chistmas, holiday gifts

Yippee - I sold a painting. This is a small painting, but the second "feather" painting I've sold this year. Perhaps I should consider painting more birds.... they have a more general appeal than the horses I've been obsessed with for years. And I do love to bird watch...Perhaps I'll just allow them to pop up in my paintings as they seem to in the past. Getting ready for the holidays. My cards are done, and hand embellished. The calendars I make from pictures of my paintings are done and in the mail. And the notecards I make from the pictures of my paintings are almost finished.

The list seems to grow each year, and it makes me feel good that the gifts I give made from pictures of my artwork are appreciated. Plus, last year someone saw one of my paintings on the calendar and then purchased it.

Just have to finish the Memory Book I do for my husband (and myself) each year. Who knows, maybe I'll have time to do a little painting before the holidays. A friend wants me to paint some of those 1950's elves for her....she knitted the coolest glittery dog collar out of that poofy yarn and put some bells on it. Looks and sounds great on the best dog in the world, Mitzie!



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