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Diane Wallace Art Blog

Animals, Art and Moonman

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 27, 2007—08:16 PM

Topics: animals, art, gratitude, horse

Since we had our "scare" with my beloved horse, Moon, I thought I'd highlight this delightful horse. We thought he had "twisted" last week and would have to be put down. However, he's back in fine shape. Retired with arthritic changes that make it impossible for us to ride him, I took this painting I did of him to work today. It was a nice experience, as everyone I worked with knew how upset I was last week, and this way they got a change to "meet" him, and enjoy the artwork.

It's funny about animals and artwork. They bring people together. So for the best riding horse I ever owned, a truly special animal, I think the Great Creator for this among a million other things.

Thanks for staying with us Moon.



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