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Diane Wallace Art Blog

Commission Done

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 24, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: christmas, commission, dog

Meet Boofy, or Boffy, I'm not quite sure how they spell it....but I started and finished my commission today. And I even like it, and had a mat and backing that worked for it.....I'm going to make some notecards for the person who ordered it. I've done that before and the people who receive both the commission and the notecards really seem to appreciate it. Although, they always say the same thing...."I couldn't possibly use them" and they hoard them away.

And, I finished making my presents for my work associates which consists of notecards from four floral paintings. I put them in those little white organza bags that are used for wedding favors. Then I try to find some little Christmas type ornament to put on the pull string. This year I put some snowflakes - both white and glittery on the pull string. They look cute, and now that's another thing that's done.

Need to finish hand-embellishing the Christmas cards....that's my next project. Will keep you posted.



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