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Diane Wallace Art Blog

Grateful on Thanksgiving

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 22, 2007—09:26 PM

Topics: Framing, deer, fox

So while the turkey was cooking, I was framing. Both pieces are ready for the Dickens one night show....I wound up framing a little piece I call "Bunny Hop", but the digital photo did not come out well.....I need a new digital camera...Any suggestions from anyone out there?

And I finished framing Startled. It's a painting I liked, but it always felt a little too expansive....So, I cropped it a bit which helped bring the deer into a more prominent spot, and the frame is a bit smaller, so it helps the painting feel a bit more intimate. Fox Trot which is attached to this blog was framed already. I really hate to frame....I have the equipment, I worked in the frame shop for a while.....but I don't have a dedicated space in my studio, I wind up making a mess in the kitchen, and I'm not the best when it comes to numbers, so the process is just downright annoying to me. So, I'm grateful that the framing is done for a while....At least I hope.

So I've scattered the paintings around the living room, and they look nice. Makes me think I need that Walker wall hanging system. Ah well, add it to the list.. Hope all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Our family did.




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

12/03/2007 * 12:41:02

I like your painting style. I was once a custom framer and I, like you, have no dedicated space anymore, so the work surface has to get cleaned off, tools dragged out, and then there is the swearing. I live by the adage "measure twice, cut once". Mat board is a little too expensive to be making mistakes, but it beats having to pay someone to do it for you. Being able to mat and frame your own work is a skill worth having, and it exercises the "other" side of the brain.

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