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Diane Wallace Art Blog

10/8/2007 Bovano studies

by WALLACESTUDIOS , October 8, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: Bovano

Working on some sketches to send to the woman I met at the Bovano store. She had helped us to understand and pick some pieces for our home, and I mentioned I was hoping Bovano made a small bamboo piece to add to my home to represent good luck in the feng shui tradition. We got to talking and I told her I was a watercolor artist. She said if I sent her some ideas, she might be interested in them.

I think watercolor and Bovano would work well together....and I'm not going to let this opportunity go by the wayside as I have so many others.

Since working full-time, I've had trouble keeping up with my painting. I'm hoping this website will inspire me.

Especially since my mentor, Dan Hines, has not been able to do our classes. So I'm going to make a commitment to work on my art/and/or website at least once a week.



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