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by WALLACESTUDIOS , March 25, 2011—09:11 AM

Topics: BIRD, accident, art, birds, shows, sparkle, swan, white

My mentor, Dan Hines, passed away a few weeks ago, but I feel his spirit still infuses my paintings. While teaching my watercolor class recently, we opted to paint from some photos I'd taken at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. This particular class involved "seeing" and not just copying from a photo, to help my students develope their "style". I became obsessed with saving the white for the swan and did not wet both the front and back of my paper - a normal process for me - as I feared the paint would naturally run into the big area of white that I wanted to preserve. Needless to say, the water around the swan and the swan itself looked dull and lifeless. Stepping back, I knew what I had to do. I had to be true to my nature… Continue reading… 0 comments


by WALLACESTUDIOS , February 6, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: dog, play, snow, snowball

This winter is feeling like its never ending and it occurred to me that there must be someone who is enjoying this white stuff. And I came across a picture I took years ago of a dog catching a snowball. He was thrilled to be running in the snow and enjoying himself. And so, "Snow Day" was born. The background is based on a popular sledding hill here in Medford, NJ. And, now that it's done, it makes me smile. Hope you enjoy it also… Continue reading… 0 comments

Water Lily

by WALLACESTUDIOS , January 23, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Water lily, flowers, teaching

One of my students missed class this week. We were able to catch up at my home and paint together for about an hour. She brought along a flower picture that she wanted to do, so I did my interpretation of the picture first. While this was not a subject I had a great deal of interest in, I thoroughly enjoyed painting with her. And while we painted from the same photo, we came out with entirely different paintings. Her's was softer, and there was much more white in her water, but she did a beautiful painting nonetheless. It never ceases to amaze me how we all see something different in the same subject matter. I learn so much when I teach… Continue reading… 0 comments


by WALLACESTUDIOS , January 16, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, demonstration, foal, horse, kentucky, teaching

This babies were so still on that beautiful spring day, they reminded me of lawn ornaments. It was a "life list" trip to visit the Kentucky Horse Park. I came away with tons of photos for future paintings. I used this particularly photo to do a demonstration for the Willingboro Art Alliance. Talk about nervous. Some of the best regarded local artists were in the audience, and I have to admit to being a bit intimidated before I began my demonstration. But my wet-into-wet approach to watercolor makes it hard to stay nervous for too long. You want to get that paint down before the paper dries to get that soft and flowing feeling. And while it didn't come out as nice as the study I did prior to the demonstration, I had good feedback, including some thank you notes… Continue reading… 0 comments

Carolina Wren

by WALLACESTUDIOS , January 7, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: birds, resolutions

Number One!!!!! I promised myself I would do a painting a week in 2011. This is the first. These adorable, resident wrens nest in the flower box on our backyard shed. Each year we await their return and listen to them scoulding us when we get too close to their babies. One year we were blessed to watch as the fledglings popped up and down in between the flowers while getting up the energy and or nerve to take their first flight. They looked like little jack-in-the boxes and made us laugh. This painting is from a photo a took and is painted in gouache, and a bit more detailed than my normal watercolors due to the opacity of the gouache versus watercolor… Continue reading… 0 comments

For My Chief

by WALLACESTUDIOS , June 9, 2008—07:49 PM

Topics: chief, police, station

About two years ago I started working full time for our local Police Department. For the past six months I've been working with our Chief of Police. He's retiring. So I painted this painting, based on a picture taken by one of the officers. I presented it to him at his retirement party, and now the command staff would all like prints… Continue reading… 0 comments

Dan's Flowers

by WALLACESTUDIOS , June 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Stories, flowers, studio tour, teaching

The town I live in, Medford, NJ, is going to be hosting an artists' studio tour in September. I have signed myself up and am trying to get a jump start so I won't be last minute framing, matting, etc. I decided to make some cards from some of my paintings also, thinking that small sales would be better than none. Most of my paintings have some sort of story (see my blog on "Jack" the titmouse.) So, I'm making cards to hang next to those paintings that come with their own story. Figured I'd share them on my blog. Dan's Flowers My teacher and mentor, Dan Hines, could not make our class one night and I was asked to "sub" for him. I'd never taught a class before, so I used a painting that I'd purchased from Dan as my subject. I figured that way he'd sort of "be" with me in the class… Continue reading… 0 comments


by WALLACESTUDIOS , May 26, 2008—09:13 PM

Topics: birds, titmouse, window

We have a "fake" window on the side of our shed. My husband made a window frame, put shutters on the side and a window box underneath. Instead of glass, he put a mirror in which reflects the landscape and looks decidely like a window. This brazen titmouse decided that his reflection was another bird and was obviously threatened by him. He spent a good part of the afternoon defending his territory and giving me ample time to sketch and do this painting. I call it Jack, for Jack Nicholson...… Continue reading… 0 comments

Patch of Sun

by WALLACESTUDIOS , March 25, 2008—08:08 PM

Topics: collage, sunflowers

Haven't painted too much lately. Life has been busy and a bit stressful, but things have settled for a bit, so I broke out the paint brushes and squeezed out some fresh paint. I've been wanting to paint sunflowers to put in a frame in my living room. But each attempt just proved futile. Too small, too muddy, no life, looked like yellow globs. I tried to paint them in my weekly class with my mentor Dan Hines. After one particularly frustrating series, he said to me "Diane, maybe you're not meant to paint sunflowers - everything else you do seems to come out fine. These are torturing you.' But they kept dancing in my head, and I decided to just jump in. I pulled out a big sheet of paper, and slathered on the paint… Continue reading… 0 comments

Dog Walk

by WALLACESTUDIOS , February 24, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, dog walk, rain

Just couldn't get inspired in my weekly painting class. Normally, I don't paint what my mentor/teacher, Dan Hines, paints because I'm so jonsing to paint something else. But this past Thursday, I couldn't find something that inspired me. Work had been a bit difficult and I was feeling like I was getting sick and was tired. So I painted what he was demonstrating. It's funny, looking at it now, it looks uninspired to me....Lack of my usual vibrant colors and big brush strokes.'s always good to paint, it keeps me sane...… Continue reading… 0 comments

Jim's Window

by WALLACESTUDIOS , February 17, 2008—09:13 PM

Topics: Landscape, fall, window

Haven't painted too much in the last month. Had a respiratory bug that wouldn't let go, and it sure sapped my energy. My husband, Jim, does not have a window in his office. So he asked me to paint one for him. This was my Valentine's Day gift. He gave me a new digital SLR camera… Continue reading… 1 comment

Nice Visit/Nice Gift

by WALLACESTUDIOS , December 23, 2007—08:53 PM

Topics: christmas, gifts, gratitude

We spent the day with my husband's brother, sister-in-law and step Mom today. It was lovely. They have a beautiful art collection, and last year I was pleased that they wanted to purchase one of my watercolors to add to their collection. We gave it to them as a Christmas present. This fall, they generously offered us the use of their beautiful home on the Swantown Creek for a long weekend. I did a small watercolor that I left in the kitchen as a "thank you." Imagine my surprise when we visited them today only to find the watercolor beautifully framed in their sitting room. This is a bad picture of the painting,taken quickely without much light before we left… Continue reading… 0 comments

Art gifts

by WALLACESTUDIOS , December 18, 2007—08:24 PM

Topics: christmas, gifts

It's that time of year when everyone is looking for gifts. Are you ready? I'm getting to the home stretch. A few more gifts for hubby's stocking and I should be good. I've taken to making a lot of my Christmas presents from photos I've taken of my artwork. Notecards for the people I work with, calendars for family members, and I use photos of my paintings, with some hand embellishment, to make my Christmas cards. I'm usually hesitant to give an actual painting, unless it's a painting of their animal. Most friends and family enjoy the gifts of my calendars and cards (or at least that's what they tell me). But, for some reason I don't want to give a gift that people might feel they "have" to display when I come to their home… Continue reading… 2 comments


by WALLACESTUDIOS , December 8, 2007—01:40 PM

Topics: animals, art, birds, chistmas, holiday gifts

Yippee - I sold a painting. This is a small painting, but the second "feather" painting I've sold this year. Perhaps I should consider painting more birds.... they have a more general appeal than the horses I've been obsessed with for years. And I do love to bird watch...Perhaps I'll just allow them to pop up in my paintings as they seem to in the past. Getting ready for the holidays. My cards are done, and hand embellished. The calendars I make from pictures of my paintings are done and in the mail. And the notecards I make from the pictures of my paintings are almost finished. The list seems to grow each year, and it makes me feel good that the gifts I give made from pictures of my artwork are appreciated… Continue reading… 0 comments

Animals, Art and Moonman

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 27, 2007—08:16 PM

Topics: animals, art, gratitude, horse

Since we had our "scare" with my beloved horse, Moon, I thought I'd highlight this delightful horse. We thought he had "twisted" last week and would have to be put down. However, he's back in fine shape. Retired with arthritic changes that make it impossible for us to ride him, I took this painting I did of him to work today. It was a nice experience, as everyone I worked with knew how upset I was last week, and this way they got a change to "meet" him, and enjoy the artwork. It's funny about animals and artwork. They bring people together. So for the best riding horse I ever owned, a truly special animal, I think the Great Creator for this among a million other things. Thanks for staying with us Moon… Continue reading… 0 comments

Commission Done

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 24, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: christmas, commission, dog

Meet Boofy, or Boffy, I'm not quite sure how they spell it....but I started and finished my commission today. And I even like it, and had a mat and backing that worked for it.....I'm going to make some notecards for the person who ordered it. I've done that before and the people who receive both the commission and the notecards really seem to appreciate it. Although, they always say the same thing...."I couldn't possibly use them" and they hoard them away. And, I finished making my presents for my work associates which consists of notecards from four floral paintings. I put them in those little white organza bags that are used for wedding favors. Then I try to find some little Christmas type ornament to put on the pull string… Continue reading… 0 comments

Grateful on Thanksgiving

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 22, 2007—09:26 PM

Topics: Framing, deer, fox

So while the turkey was cooking, I was framing. Both pieces are ready for the Dickens one night show....I wound up framing a little piece I call "Bunny Hop", but the digital photo did not come out well.....I need a new digital camera...Any suggestions from anyone out there? And I finished framing Startled. It's a painting I liked, but it always felt a little too expansive....So, I cropped it a bit which helped bring the deer into a more prominent spot, and the frame is a bit smaller, so it helps the painting feel a bit more intimate. Fox Trot which is attached to this blog was framed already. I really hate to frame....I have the equipment, I worked in the frame shop for a while....… Continue reading… 1 comment

8 White Birches

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 21, 2007—07:34 PM

Topics: birches, chistmas, shows

So here is the other painting I'm going to put in the Dickens Festival show. It's a Christmas card from 2005. We live on 8 White Birch Trail, so some years I've used that as a theme for our cards. This year our Christmas card is going to be the angel collage made from recycled materials that's posted with my blog from a few days ago. However, this painting is already framed and is ready for hanging. Now it's on to getting paintings ready for the Woodland Creatures show at the Center for the Arts of Southern New Jersey. I'll keep you posted on what I choose. Hoping to get those framed and finished before the end of the weekend. I'd also like to get started on my commission. It's a cute Bichon Friese(sp?) and I have some good photos, so it should be a fun one… Continue reading… 0 comments

Dickens Festival Show

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 20, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: birches, white

So this is a one night show being held in Medford, NJ during the annual Dickens Festival. I've been invited to submit two paintings to this show, and thought it would be a good idea to do some of my snow scenes... This one didn't photograph too well, but this is my Christmas card from last year. Both paintings will be small and will fit in the price range of my "I don't want to be my own collector" theory....Then it's off to the Woodland Creatures show. Guess I'd better get framing this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!!!! Happy Holidays to all… Continue reading… 0 comments

Wings Show at Smithville

by WALLACESTUDIOS , November 18, 2007—07:21 PM

Topics: angels, christmas, juried shows

I had two pieces accepted into the juried "Wings" show at Smithville Mansion in Easthampton, NJ. The one piece attached to this blog is what I call a "green" piece. With the exception of the glass, it's recycled materials. The back is the drop out of a mat I cut for a watercolor. I sprayed that with some gold paint. The "clouds" are torn up, used dryer sheets. The wire was from a craft project gone bad, and the angel is old paintings that I needed to get out of my studio. The frame was from something else, whitewashed and glittered up with some rub and buff. The hook and eyes and wire for the back were scavenged from an old painting. I've not worked with a collage before, but this is going to be my Christmas card. Also, Say a Little Prayer for you got in… Continue reading… 0 comments