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Volcanopulp Art Blog

I am lost

by volcanopulp , April 2, 2011—03:15 AM

Topics: New, art, art critique, help, naive, work

Hello art world.

I am new to this world of art. I am very impressed and intimidated by all the artist out there in the world. I hope to be simply just a little more then an admiring person and be admired for my talent as well. I need help in several areas one, how do I get recognition and two, how do I get my work critiqued?




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

04/04/2011 * 16:37:27

For what it's worth, here is a bit of advice from a non-famous artist! Your work is intriguing, so the best advice I can give is to keep getting it out in front of people. Use venues such as ArtId, and take advantage of social networking sites, including Twitter, to bring your art to the attention of more people. Show locally. Galleries, art fairs, art walks, even friendly local merchants who favor hanging art can give you exposure. I think the best way to get critiques is to become involved with other artists in your own community. In addition, juried shows provide a filter of sorts by which to judge your progress--while remembering that one shows prize winning piece might be juried out of another, so rejection should not be devastating!

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