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Vernonette Gaddy Snow Cat

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Snow Cat
7" x 5"
Digital / 3-D
$2.00 Buy It Now

Snow Cat

After Autumn, Winter is my second favorite season. I have always liked looking at and playing in the snow as a child. As an adult, I still marvel at watching the glistening, fluffy, soft white snow, but now I prefer watching the snow from the safe distance of being inside. I dread slipping and sliding when the snow eventually turns to ice. Anyway, as you can see from viewing some of my other artworks in my galleries, I enjoy creating art profiling the winter season. Last winter 2007, I remember one day after it had snowed, I happened to see a stray cat running around in the snow, so I captured my rememberance in this digital painting. This art is available in postcard and in 5 by 7 greeting card forms. The postcard is .80 cents, and the greeting card is $2.00. The greeting card is blank inside to write your own message.