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Tony Viscardi About

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Self-taught and trained, Tony Viscardi has developed his skills over the years of sculpting brushed aluminum. He encourages others to fulfill their dreams by following their own direction and inspiration. Viscardi is recognized across the country as one of the most talented fine artist around.

_ Viscardi has been featured on Television on HGTV__™s THAT__™S CLEVER, many national and local news shows as well as several printed stories in local and national publications. Tony Viscardi, is known as the explosive ___Rock star of the Art World___, and global top selling artist! His world of art invites us into his lighthearted perspective of life surrounding us, with whimsical designs, brushed aluminum, and even neon lights. His Sculptures are all thought provoking and full of creative fun enigmatic illusion. He has dedicated himself to raising money for charities to help cure cancer in memory of his Mother and regularly donates pieces to local charities for their events and auctions. Viscardi's work is highly collected by young and old from all walks of life including movie stars, rock stars and private collectors. Some of the most note worthy people who have Viscardi__™s works include, Kim Kardashin, Kat Von D, Occ_  (Orange County Choppers, ___Chop___ The King of Cars, Holy Madison, Tantric (Band) and more____________ _  Viscardi__™s imaginative world of art is seen by millions of people each month world wide through his website, galleries, hotels, television, magazines and stores._  Viscardi__™s unique portrayal of art is an exciting combination of imagination and often subtle humor which evoke and engage the creative side in all of his fun and whimsical works. Today Tony Viscardi is considered one of the most prolific and influential metal artists of our time.

Viscardi's mediums of brushed aluminum and neon come from a lifelong fascination with interchanging lights and the love of Art Deco design. Many of his sculptures evolve from a desire to see layers and shapes incorporated into my passion for contemporary design. His more recent passion is the development of outdoor monumental sculptures. Monumental sizes of 7ft. to 2 stories high have given me the self-gratification that many artists only desire. These sculptures in both public and private locations are one of his dreams come true. Along the way in His artist career he has adapted other mediums into his primary focus of aluminum and neon._  Glass, fabric, marble, mirrors, water and Plexiglas are a few that he has enjoyed creating with. Viscardi continues to ___play___ with other forms and incorporate them into his creations.

Each piece is created daily with an artistic approach. The machinery that Viscardi uses is often viewed as industrial and lifeless. Using a plasma cutter, jigsaw, grinders, sanding discs, slip roller, and Brake (metal cutting device) are often what companies, factories and industries use. Machinery of this sort is not thought of often in the art world. Creating art with these devices is a fascinating way for Viscardi to spend his days. Viscardi enjoys seeing his various sanding techniques cause the metal to ___come to life___. Neon incorporated into some of these pieces gives each work a glowing beauty. Some are subtle with backlit colors shining through while others are stark and vibrant._  Viscardi's clients who collects his art pieces as well as the companies who__™ve sought commissions are fascinated with the creations as they are often viewed as ___jewelry___ that enhances their location._ 


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