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Vina Curtis Art Blog

Abstract Expressionism in Fluid and Ink Acrylics

by vinacurtis , August 17, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, art, flowers, surfaces, watercolor

This exercise began with writing whatever came to mind on 90 lb. watercolor paper until the entire paper was filled with writing. This was to allow the creative side of the brain free reign in this project. After the page is filled with words or symbols, cover the paper with a thin layer of gesso and let it dry. This process can be done with watercolor, but I chose fluid acrylics and ink acrylics.If you use watercolor, each layer of color must dry completely be for applying the next or you will get mud. Start with light colors. Color the entire page. When you paint over the next color you begin lifting some areas and adding more paint in other areas always turning the paper around and round until you see something in the painting that you want to emphasize. I did negative painting to bring out the flowers.



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