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Vina Curtis Art Blog

Fun with the Octopus

by vinacurtis , July 30, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Sea Creatures, animals, commissions, watercolor

This was a commissioned watercolor. I used Liquid Frisket for some of the spots on the octopi and for barnacles on the ship and pots.My clients told me several interesting stories about their experiences with these shy creatures. A baby octopus in a tide pool climbed up Christie's hand, over her shoulder and back into the water when she placed her other hand into the pool. Before climbing up her hand he tapped her finger twice as if to say "Hello". When he went back into the the water he tapped her finger once again, as if to say "thank you". Another experience was about an octopus in a lab. Across from his tank was a tank of fish. One morning when the scientists returned to the lab. The octopus was in the fish tank and the fish were gone.



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