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Vina Curtis Art Blog

Aquabording Great for Watercolors

by vinacurtis , May 14, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Aquabord, Fruit, art, surfaces, watercolor

"Everything is Just Peachy" is a watercolor on Aquabord. Aquabord is a beautiful absorbent product by Ampersand. Watercolors are rich and luminous on its surface. And it is easy to layer and lift paint on Aquabord. "Everything is Just Peachy" was a commissioned work for a client who wanted a painting that she could fasten to her kitchen cabinets. I chose an 8 × 8 Aquabord panel and when the painting was finished I sprayed it with UV resistant clear acrylic agent to protect it from moisture. Aquabord can be sealed and framed without glass. So this was the perfect support for this project.



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