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Vina Curtis Art Blog

Batik Painting

by vinacurtis , September 28, 2009—04:40 PM

Topics: Batik Painting

Batik isn't just for fabrics. You can use this art form for beautiful effects on rice paper. After drawing my subject I outlined it with a permanent, waterproof ink pen. I deckled the edge by drawing a thin line of water just inside the outer edge of the paper and gently pulled the paper apart. I melted wax in a double boiler keeping the wax between 180 and 200 degrees so that the wax would not catch fire. I then coated the paper with wax where I wanted to keep the paper white. Next I painted all but the background. When dry I coated the painted area with wax. I followed the same routine with the background and then I waxed the entire painting. When dry, I crinkled the paper. Painted over the wax with another color from my palette. Before the beaded up paint could dry I applied the final coat of wax. Then I placed the painting between many layers of newspaper and used an iron to melt the wax. I kept changing the waxed newspapers to fresh ones and repeated the process until the wax had all melted off the painting. When finished the painting appears to have been painted on soft cloth.



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