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Vina Curtis

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This Land Is Ours

by vinacurtis , March 14, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, art, collage, watercolor

The hills surrounding Boulder City, Nevada are home to the Big Horn Sheep. In the summer they come down into the nearby neighborhoods to graze in the parks and lawns.These three seem to be proclaiming,"This is our land"… Continue reading… 0 comments


by vinacurtis , August 15, 2011—04:23 PM

Topics: art, musicians, watercolor

This is my latest painting. It an 18" _ 24" watercolor of a young performer that I saw at an outdoor theater in Utah a few summers ago. I have done a smaller painting of him along with two other performers clapping along to his music. But, I really wanted to see him standing alone in this painting. Other paintings that I am working on currently are frog paintings on mirrors for a client of mine… Continue reading… 0 comments

"Lionel's Zinnia"

by vinacurtis , October 10, 2010—08:56 PM

Topics: Color Red, art, flowers, watercolor

When I finished this painting I could not think of a title for it. So a bit disappointed in my lack of creativity I called it "Zinnia II" But, today as I listened to Rev. Lionel Stark's moving Sunday sermon where he included a story about his Uncle, a Methodist pastor well known for his planting Churches as did St. Paul, I began to think about what selfless people such pastors are. They dedicate their lives to helping and encourageing others. I also thought about the number of paintings and prints that Rev. Lionel Starkes had purchased from me in the past. So I am dedicating this painting to him… Continue reading… 0 comments

90 Lb. Watercolor Paper and Gesso

by vinacurtis , August 21, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, art, surfaces, watercolor

I was given a 9 _ 12 pad of 90 lb. watercolor paper that I really wasn't that excited about because I prefer 140 lb and 300 lb. paper to work with. But, now I am very grateful to have the paper because I have learned that I can add strength to it with gesso and use any medium on it that I would like to work with."Butterfly Dream'in" is an example of ink and acrylic fluid paints on 90 lb. gessoed watercolor paper… Continue reading… 1 comment

This exercise began with writing whatever came to mind on 90 lb. watercolor paper until the entire paper was filled with writing. This was to allow the creative side of the brain free reign in this project. After the page is filled with words or symbols, cover the paper with a thin layer of gesso and let it dry. This process can be done with watercolor, but I chose fluid acrylics and ink acrylics.If you use watercolor, each layer of color must dry completely be for applying the next or you will get mud. Start with light colors. Color the entire page. When you paint over the next color you begin lifting some areas and adding more paint in other areas always turning the paper around and round until you see something in the painting that you want to emphasize… Continue reading… 0 comments

"Everything is Just Peachy" is a watercolor on Aquabord. Aquabord is a beautiful absorbent product by Ampersand. Watercolors are rich and luminous on its surface. And it is easy to layer and lift paint on Aquabord. "Everything is Just Peachy" was a commissioned work for a client who wanted a painting that she could fasten to her kitchen cabinets. I chose an 8 _ 8 Aquabord panel and when the painting was finished I sprayed it with UV resistant clear acrylic agent to protect it from moisture. Aquabord can be sealed and framed without glass. So this was the perfect support for this project… Continue reading… 0 comments

First Place Winner

by vinacurtis , May 8, 2010—02:18 PM

Topics: Color Red, Fruit, art, art exhibits, watercolor

"Red Pears" won First Place in the Nevada Watercolor Society's 2010 Spring Show. The painting also won First Place in the Henderson Art Association's Color Red Show earlier this year… Continue reading… 1 comment

Collage with Watercolor

by vinacurtis , April 26, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, collage, watercolor

I have just added this painting to my gallery. It is a watercolor collage using collage papers and wallpaper.I also made a decal from acrylic matte medium and a photograph of a magazine picture of a house with a palm tree on a hill and transfered it to the paper.(It doesn't show up very well in this picture, but it is sitting on top of that beige hill.) I have found that not all magazine papers work well. If you remove the paper from the back side of the decal and it will not transfer to your painting you can attach the picture to the painting with matte medium. But the decal transfer looks more intergrated with the painting… Continue reading… 0 comments

"Incredible Joy"

by vinacurtis , April 6, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, flowers, watercolor

19.5" _ 14.5" watercolor in a 26" _ 22" mat. Yellow roses send a message of friendship and joy. They also are presented to persons in honor of their special achievements. These roses were among those that were presented to the new Signature Members of the Nevada Watercolor Society last year… Continue reading… 0 comments


by vinacurtis , April 6, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, exhibits, flowers, watercolor

Watercolor. I love the translucence of this lily's petals and its stamens being revealed as it begins to open. Juried into the Nevada Watercolor Society's 2009 Fall Show… Continue reading… 1 comment