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Ciumas Victor About

my way of coping with a world that doesn't need or want my input where I am marginalised it is a self healing tool whilst I am in my artwork nothing else matters - so it is my escape route to a state of ecstasy. I dont know that I put greater value on visual art I think all the senses are equally capable of transporting one away - My own art gets em away quicker than anyone elses. Add Comment


Ciumas Victor was born in 1990 in republic of Moldova. He came to painting in 1997. He started with watercolor but felt rapidly that oil painting

would match his way of being.

He is a self-taught painter . Nevertheless he took some drawing lessons in a republic of Moldova school,college,academy.

After taking part into numerous group exhibitions , some galleries in Moldova proposed to him to exhibit his works.

Romania,Ucraina and Moscow .

He is certainly an emerging artist and you won't regret buying one of his paintings.


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