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Vicki Rae About

My name is Vicki Rae. I am 30 years old, I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and my passion is painting. I have over 16 years experience in the Arts and have received formal training at the Lorenzo di Medici art institute, in Florence Italy and attended a design program at Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC. I have travelled extensively and draw upon my experiences as a source of inspiration. I enjoy painting intuitively and channelling raw emotion into my work. Currently I am learning Ballroom & Latin Dance which is further influencing my Art. "Deviations from the norm, a slight twist of humor, and an altered perspective; see the world through my eyes." - RAVE Add Comment


I developed an interest in Art when I was a child. I completed my first Oil Painting when I was just 11 years old. I continued to develop my skills through my school years and went on to post secondary institutions for further training. I studied in Florence, Italy in 2001 for 6 months at the Lorenzo Di Medici Art Institute. I later was accepted to the IDEA design program at Capilano University. After my formal training I continued to learn and develop my skills of my own initiative and quite solitary. I am a devoted Artist. I have mainly focused on Painting as my primary form of expression. However I am beginning to feel an immeasurable desire to expand into other forms of expression. I have recently graduated from a beginner level Formal Ballroom & Latin Dance and intend to go on with training. I have been developing my skills as a photographer as well as compiling short films and have an interest in pursuing animation. I have an ever increasing fascination and respect for Nature as well as the diversity of people and cultures on our planet. I love the mysteries of life and I explore deeply the spiritual aspect of our existence as well as our commonly shared 'human condition'. I feel driven by a need to communicate to other people through art- regardless of wether it makes sense to the 'mind', my wish is that I will touch people's heart and soul.

"Deviations from the norm, a slight twist of humor, and an altered perspective; see the world through my eyes."- RAVE

***Who is RAVE?***


RAVE is my spirit. RAVE is my creation, my creating & my Creator. She is a Being and She is a World of Infinite Possibility. RAVE is my imagination and my dreams. RAVE is where my Paintings and other work manifests from. RAVE is the culmination of every part of me, every experience, every thought, every feeling. RAVE is the web that joins everything together in all its intricacy. RAVE is the observer, the witness, and the child spirit dancing in me. RAVE has no rules, RAVE is free; she is beauty, truth, love and insanity. She is an explorer, a traveller; she is eternal. RAVE is my passion, my curiosity, my confusion, my knowing, my pain, sorrow, joy, Love, rage, ecstasy and awe. I gave it a name so I could hold it out in front of me; and worship this Light that guides me; that's within me, that is me. I am RAVE.


South Surrey
British Columbia