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Vesa Peltonen Art Blog

Art for Fundraising

by Vesa , January 27, 2011—06:24 PM

Topics: Dr. Jane Goodall, Landscape, contemporary, fundraising, print, serigraph

I have been creating art for various reasons, mostly to sell to places as galleries, investors, companies and private and corporate collections. In the midst of all these types of connecting and selling, I have also been fortunate to work with 'special events' in sports, entertainment to environmental causes, using my artwork to help raise funds for many organizations. One special one was doing fudraising for the Dr.Jane Goodall Institute, via 'ZooCheck Canada'. I was asked to create a limited edition prints, that depicted the essence of Dr. Goodall's work with animals & he cause also of deforestation in the rainforest. I was most honoured to have tea with her in Toronto,with members of Zoocheck, where she signed each of the prints by with pencil. The value has gone high up due to only a few in the secondary market. They are $2500.00 ea. I am the only artist who's serigraph prints she has signed by hand. Quite the thrill. -Vesa Peltonen -Thunder Bay & Toronto, Canada




  jason Campbell

12/13/2016 * 08:03:50

We have 142/200. Thanks Vesa for putting up the information about this work!

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