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Jeanette Chupack Guestbook



  Doreen Allen

07/31/2008 * 11:42:04

I have one of your paintings in my office, too. The foreground is beautiful bowl of fruit in front of a window. The scene beyond the window is a farm and Camel's Hump. This painting is well loved by my customers, my staff and by me. Could you share with me when you painted it and any other info about it?

Thank you,


  Anne Petrow

02/05/2008 * 09:22:56


I have a painting of yours in my office it is a section of a wooden bridge. Can you tell me about the painting? Especially where the bridge is located. It reminds me of the wooden bridge at the end of the bike path in Stowe. I enjoy the spirit and the colors of the painting very much.


  Lori McPeters

10/05/2007 * 18:17:57

I remember a painting you did sometime ago that was was a beautiful view from adirondack chairs on a porch - the painting use to be at Twin Oaks Sports and Fitness. Is it still local (in Vermont)?


  Doris ( homepage )

06/03/2005 * 06:35:40

Your work is absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed my visit here.
Greetings from Germany

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