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Born in Santa Marta Colombia and living in Philadelphia, Luisa Velasquez is a costena masquerading in a Bogot__-like society. Luisa is an emerging artist whose pedigree is envious each show she has entered in has seen dazzling reviews and awards ranging from honorable mentions to best in show. After deciding to commit herself to her art, Luisa was invited to present a solo-show not three months into her professional career.

Velben is the culmination of a sustenance craft family__™s past, matched with the sacrifice and determination of a woman who can__™t fail doing what she loves. Velben is the dualism personality Luisa uses to create, and is a literal mashing of her last names. The process by which Velben creates has everything to do with surroundings the effect of nature on non-living surfaces embodies the struggle within, without, and the relationships between.

The materials used in Velben__™s body of work together to build volumes and texture in a non-symbolic, abstract, yet concise message of vitality surging with decadence and decline. Each piece is cured to a glass-like finish that preserves the state of degradation like ancient life forms caught in amber. The viewer recognizes materials used in daily life, represented in Velben__™s works as a sign of the beauty that makes modern life so grand and at times, so toxic. Asphaltum, fresco, gold leaf, inks, acrylics, oils__"these are the layers of industrial earth that Velben uses to construct her model of our world. And although the message of vitality with decline is contemporary, Velben has a firm grip of traditional techniques that allow her to further convey the disparity from our hallowed memories and dreams, to our reality of small victories.

From her studio in North East Philadelphia, Velben is stooped high above the struggling masses, struggling herself to maintain objective distance when conveying her message while teaching the neighborhood children about the arts. Through the Paper Mill Art Community in Kensington, Velben and fellow artists band together and throw holiday parties tuned to craft making, art exposure, and the occasional gallery etiquette.


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