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I am energized by the act of creating, engaged and immersed in that process I feel contented. An ideal day in the studio, finds me engrossed in the process of painting, free to roam the recesses of mind and memory translating that awareness into my work. People, places, and perceptions inspire me. I am aware that what is happening around me, personally, politically, and globally influences my feelings and the energy I leave in my work. I am excited by work that shifts my focus and challenges my perception. Color, line, shape, and texture equip me with a visual vocabulary. Abstraction challenges me in my efforts to create work comprised of elements that are familiar but not quite identifiable. My tendency is to get caught up in details I find interesting by enhancing them, only to paint over them in an attempt to simplify. This results in textural under-paintings that enrich the painting surface and provides a record of my journey and interaction along the way. Over last twenty-five years, I have developed my paintings using squeegees, acrylic paint, charcoal, gold leaf, mixed media and various acrylic mediums. Applying a thinned solution of acrylic medium through a spray gun seals in the dry media._  The work is sometimes sanded or scratched into revealing clues of an earlier state, through this manipulation the layers begin to flow and merge with one another resulting in surface depth similar to encaustic. For me the work records snippets of thought and memory of experiences in my life coming to focus in some abstract fashion. These signify the many facets that make up the world we inhabit and the building blocks in our makeup. Using my adopted vocabulary I aim to stimulate a mind to wonder and wander about the piece endeavoring to engage the viewer so that their dialogue and interaction with the painting may be as personal for them as it was for me. Add Comment


Vince Carl, born in Louisville, Kentucky, at an early age moved to Atlanta then to Cincinnati in 1980 he relocated to Southern Oregon. He fondly remembers a substitute teacher in grade school encouraging him to explore his artist potential. His studies include: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1976 BFA, Mitch Kaufman-Katz, 1978-79, and Pat Enos 1993-96, Rogue Community College. Artists of influence include Kokoschka, Schiele, Picasso, and Rauschenberg. His work has appeared on the cover Art Calendar ___Professional Artist___ and in various gallery publications, as he has exhibited throughout the United States. Vince__™s work has been collected nationally and internationally, recognized mostly for his figurative paintings._ 


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