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Vince Carl About

My figures develop much the same as a person__™s character. I utilize, acrylic paint, charcoal, gold leaf, and various acrylic mediums, building layers during the process, intermittently I sand or scratch into the surface to reveal clues of an earlier state._  Through this manipulation the positive and negative space merge and flow into the other._  The figural and compositional elements wrap around the edges of the support. I attempt to integrate my figures into the world around them using this technique, translucency and gold leaf, hoping to express immersion and the value of being. Add Comment


I was born in Louisville in 1954. In 1980 I moved from Cincinnati to Oregon. My studies include: Miami University, Ohio, 1976 BFA, and Rogue Community College 1993-96. My recent work explores the figure._  I use shape, color, and gesture, to design and manipulate the space._  I experiment with process, format and recognizing the unexpected to create my paintings. My work has appeared in 'Art Calendar', various gallery publications, and has been exhibited nationally.


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