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About To Be Framed

by valleyvogue , February 18, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Selling, artists, designing, handwoven, shows, wall art, weaving

My venture into wall art is on its way. (Pictured piece is just washed not yet ironed and stretched.) My first attempt is awaiting a frame. I admit it has not been without its hurdles. I planned the project on software from Finland. I forgot to take into account that adjustments needed to be made to weave it. The Finns weave on looms that reverse the pattern. I also threaded the project on the loom differently. In the past, I wove projects that were mostly symmetrical. This is not. In an effort to compensate for this, I reversed my usual threading pattern. Needless to say, the pattern is flipped and the mirror image of my original vision. So it is back to the loom to change this and stick to the original. The one I wove is fine - just not according to the plan. When it is framed, I hope to submit it for exhibition. On return, it will be posted on artid. Now to weave the next one with many adjustments...



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