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Venture into Wall Art

by valleyvogue , February 10, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: artists, designing, handwoven, wall art, weaving

Wallhangings have always been something I have avoided. To me, most of the ones I have seen look like warp leftovers. Actually, I have made a few from warped projects leavings. Mind you, I have seen many from other weavers that amaze me. I just have no inclination to weave a hanging. I want to weave a picture that happens to be three dimensional.

My latest project is a venture into wall art. I took a pattern that usually is found on antique coverlets and bedspreads and divided it into quadrants. I flipped and turned each quadrant to make a series of blocks 7 X 5. I loved the look. Once completed on paper. I began to do the math to make it work on the loom.

Now that I am weaving it, I decided to make the blocks rotate in neutral tones. The blocks seem to move. (Pictured is a strip of blocks being woven. The center will show while the sides will become the seams.)

When finished the frame itself will be woven. Panels of blocks will be sewn together to make the "wall art". I only hope that what I envision will become the reality. View my progress on my website in "Works in Progress" and tell me what you think.



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