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Woodsy Chenille

by valleyvogue , January 30, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: artists, handwoven, wearable art, weaving

Being an artist with a very low budget means that I have to convince my friends to model for next to nothing. I met a young artist at the mill that is friendly, beautiful and willing to model for fur hats. Yes, fur hats. She looks great in them and I have a procurement officer (a friend that works for free, okay truth - he is my partner's husband) that finds them at a steal.

Today was our first "shoot". She was nervous that she did not take great pictures. Well, either I am a genius at this or she is under a misconception. My camera loved her! (And I do too!)

How lucky are we to live in a world with people of talent, youth, and goodwill. How lucky am I to know this.



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