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The Wounds of Aging

by valleyvogue , January 25, 2010—06:59 PM

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I found myself lamenting about the imperfections of my repairs on this beautiful 80 year old rug (or more accurately "cherga"). I wanted to restore it to its original state. As I complained my skills were not enough, my husband came to look at the pictures of the most my recent repairs. He remarked how nice it is going. He turned to me and asked why would I ever think that a cherga would survive time better than the weaver or the owners that shared its history. He said that the repairs were a "badge of honor" or a scar to show how the cherga has survived and remains useful.

I thought about what he said and looked once again at the repairs. I thought how I would be so proud that someone would love my handwovens enough to repair them when they suffered the wounds of time and use. I also thought how I loved having an opportunity to repair this cherga and send it back in better shape to continue to be of use.

Funny how much we pour into our art and never pause to think about it surviving the test of time even with scars. I know I have my own badges of honor that can not be easily erased and repaired. Why would I think that a handwoven would fare better?

I remembered a beautiful poster I saw over twenty years ago when traveling the Appalachian Trail. It hung in the home in the Rocky Mountains. It was a Native American woman covered in wrinkles on top of wrinkles. It was titled "Mother Earth". My husband was right. I think Katerina would admire her cherga's badges of honor.



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